New One Sheet, ‘The Tower of the Holodeck’

One of the ship’s crew was roleplaying as Conan the Barbarian when the holodeck malfunctioned. With the safeties off and the program refusing to shut down, it’s up to the senior officers to don furs, hoist iron weapons, and rescue their crewman from the wicked sorcerer Yara’s fabled tower—before Yara can complete his blood ritual.

The Tower of the Holodeck – PDF

Who doesn’t love a good holodeck episode? In addition to a fish-out-of-water romp through Conan the Barbarian’s world of Hyboria, this standalone adventure provides some rules for reprogramming the holodeck on the fly in order to give your heroes seemingly magical abilities.

Fun fact: When making the excellent Sherlock Holmes holodeck episode, the writers of The Next Generation assumed the character was freely available in the public domain. They were 100% wrong about that, and the resulting legal problems prevented them from following up on that story for several years. That’s also why, after the Holmes incident, the holodeck was mainly used for generic spa days, no-name noires, and “how close can we get without being sued” Bond adventures. Fortunately, Savage Fan writers don’t have the same problem.

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