Character Creation

The officers are the heart of every Star Trek story.


Star Trek: Character Creation

The officers are the heart of every Star Trek story. This section gives our heroes the chance to elect their captain, name their ship, and pick a ‘role’, in addition to the usual Savage Worlds character tools of playable races, edges, hindrances, and arcane backgrounds (yes—there are arcane backgrounds!).

Design note: This was one of the first sections I started work on, and the challenge of combining Star Trek with Savage Worlds was an immediate Kirk-punch to the face. With its tactical, medical, and science officers each filling a niche aboard the ship, Star Trek seems to scream ‘character classes’, but we all know Savage Worlds is a system staunchly opposed to classes.

I considered throwing together some broad ‘classes’ based on shirt colour; I considered creating a set of Professional edges (‘Starfleet Engineer’, ‘Starfleet Doctor’, etc.) to give heroes that extra niche; I hummed and hawed quite a bit. In the end, I decided that it’s not the shirt someone wears that makes us remember them, it’s their ability to deal with weirdly specific problems. So, I made a bunch of situational edges that anybody with the right prerequisites could pick up, that would let them shine in difficult moments.

I also reasoned that, given the ‘post-war reconstruction’ theme of the campaign, players should be allowed—even encouraged!—to fill multiple roles aboard the ship if they wish to; that is, Starfleet just doesn’t have as many ultra-specialized officers as they once did. Everyone has to pitch in and do what they can. That’s a much more Savage Worlds approach, I think!