Star Trek Adventures

One Sheets

With Us Who Die

“A neutral planet, Astora N14, has made an urgent petition to join the Federation for protection from the Klingons. Our heroes are ordered to facilitate Astora N14’s admittance, but first they must help resolve the planet’s civil war—a war with an unusual cause.”

The Lure

“An uncharacteristic Borg attack on the vacation planet of Risa leads the officers to launch an investigation into a two-bit criminal and a deadly prototype weapon. Will they be able to put an end to the weapon before the Borg strike again?”

The Tower of the Holodeck

One of the ship’s crew was roleplaying as Conan the Barbarian when the holodeck malfunctioned. With the safeties off and the program refusing to shut down, it’s up to the senior officers to don furs, hoist iron weapons, and rescue their crewman from the wicked sorcerer Yara’s fabled tower–before Yara can complete his blood ritual.”

Plot Point Campaign

Episode 1: To the Stars

“Cmdr. Sulvik of Starfleet Command wants to grant a group of promising junior officers a ship of their own—but first, he has to make sure they have what it takes.”

Episode 2: The Beast

“The officers arrive in the Tarod system to deploy a subspace relay buoy. However, an automated weapons platform—apparently a malfunctioning relic of the Dominion War—is making their task impossible.”