Enemies, NPCs, Starships! Hooray!

Happy to say the ‘Enemies, NPCs, and Starships’ section is now online!

This was always a daunting chapter to take on because there are just so many creatures and so many ships in the Star Trek universe that it’s tough to know where to begin. I have to write up an entry for the Borg, that’s for sure, but do I also give stats for the salt monsters from The Original Series? If not, why not? I have to write up the USS Enterprise, but what about the Defiant? What about Picard’s old ship, the Stargazer? Again, why not?

Rather than go nuts trying to cover every vessel and character from 50 years of shows and movies, I decided to focus on creating an essential ‘baseline’ that could be built on in the future. To start, I’ve written stats for different non-player crew members, offered quick tweaks to make them fit different major factions (like the Klingons or the Ferengi), created a new(ish) Starship Modifications table to knock together new vessels, and then filled out the stats for every creature, baddie, and starship that appears in the adventures written so far. That’s plenty to get started with, and gives room to flesh things out as we go.


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